Sick days, with yarn

I'm almost done with the mohair shawl, but ran out of the metallic yarn last night.  Unfortunately, my LYS is closed on Sundays, so getting one last skein to finish the project must wait until at least tomorrow (and maybe even later depending on how I feel).  And I still haven't made up my mind whether to "fringe" or not.

Since I can't work on the shawl right now, I grabbed another set of needles and skein of yarn and started a baby blanket.  After four rows, I realize this project needs to be on circular needles.  I don't have circular needles the right size.  Add one more item to the list for the LYS.

Setting aside the baby blanket for now, I'm at a quandary what to do next.  My next planned project is a crocheted lace tablecloth, but that requires concentration and attention to detail.  I've been sick with the stomach flu the last three days: my concentration is virtually nil.  Which is why I've been watching Stargate DVDs and knitting the easiest patterns I could find.

As for my other leisure time activity?  Reading is completely out of the question until my new bifocals get here.


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