Knit one, crochet one

I've had a book in my hands more often than yarn over the last couple of weeks.  It's hard to juggle these two favorite pastimes when I've never been able to enjoy audiobooks.  Reading has always been a tactile experience for me:  the weight of the book in my hands, the feel of the paper between my fingers, the scent of the glue and binding (especially if the book is leather-bound!), the crisp sound of a turning page…all these lovely sensual experiences vanish with books-on-tape or -CD.

Maybe the tactile sensation of fabric and yarn is the reason I love fiber arts so much.  I know I buy fabric and yarn for their feel at least as often as I buy for color, perhaps more so.

At any rate, these are the two projects I have going right now:

Slouch rib cardi #2
Slouch Rib Cardigan by Cathy Payson for Interweave Knits in Paton Shetland Chunky.  This is a "back-burner" project for the moment:  it's far too warm to wear the finished product right now.  More than likely, I'll pick this one up off and on for the next few months, and concentrate on finishing it when it gets closer to autumn.

Crocheted cardi #1
Crocheted Crop Cardiganby Monica Brown in Lion Brand Microspun.  I plan to finish this one fairly soon and add it to my work wardrobe.

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