Herrschner’s and The Yarn Collection are the devil

I'm a sucker for closeout yarn sales.  Especially online closeout yarn sales.  Ever since I discovered Herrschner's and its affiliated sites, YarnSale.com and YarnCollection.com, I've been doomed.  So much pretty fiber, so little money!  Because the stock is mostly closeouts, sometimes the color selections are limited, but I've found enough lovely yarn lately to give spouse heart failure.

Spouse is quite right when he tells me, "When you obsess over something, you really obsess over it." 

I refuse to tell you how much money I've spent on yarn in the last month.  Even I, in the depths of my obsession, am appalled.  But I'll post pictures of the latest order when it arrives sometime next week.

In the meantime, the stitch sampler top is proceeding quite nicely.  When I first bought the yarn, I wasn't quite sure about the color…it seemed much more orange in person than in the catalog.  However, as the project works up, the color grows on me and becomes more and more beautiful.

Stitch Sampler Back #3

Another "sit & knit" for this knit-along is scheduled this afternoon at my LYS. 

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