MIA no more, and other yarn news

I can't believe it's been over a month since I updated this blog.  I've been busy.  See the pictures?

Bobble sampler top
The bobble stitch sampler top needs assembly and some relatively minor finishing work, like adding the neck and sleeve borders.  The Crystal Palace Bamboozle (this color is "Ember Glow") works up nicely and feels good in my hands.  It splits like crazy, though.  One must pay close attention while knitting to avoid splitty messiness.  I haven't made up my mind whether this will go into my closet once it's finished, or whether it will be a gift.  We'll see how it fits and then decide.

Bobby's hoodie
This is a hoodie in progress, a Christmas present for one of my nephews.  Simple stockinette with rolled edges and ribbing made with Rowan's now sadly discontinued Plaid in "Spicy".  I love this yarn and am very glad to have acquired multiple skeins in multiple colors before it vanished from the marketplace.

Sis's doilies
My sister asked for a doily and runner set to go in the guest bedroom in her new house.  Other than requesting the color burgundy, she gave me free rein in design.  The doily pattern was taken from some stitch sampler book somewhere in the house, and the runner is my own design.   The yarn is Patons Brilliant in "Beautiful Burgundy".  I love the subtle shimmery effect….

Commission Scarf
Lastly, this scarf was commissioned by a friend.  Other than being asked to "keep it simple", I was given free rein in design, and thus came up with a modified moss stitch with two strands of worsted weight, one strand in dark green (Patons Canadiana), the other in chocolate brown (Plymouth Encore, color #1444).  Together they knitted up into a fabulously cushy and substantial reversible fabric.  Someone's neck is going to be toasty warm this winter.

My family has been informed they are all getting something knitted or crocheted for Christmas this year.  Gotta make use of all that yarn I splurged on!

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