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Bamboozle top!

The stitch sampler top is finally done!

Project details
Size? Medium.
Yarn?  9 skeins of Crystal Palace Bamboozle in Ember Glow.
Satisfaction with end product?  Meh.

As I've mentioned before, when I first bought the yarn, I was unsure about the color. It seemed much more orange in person than in the LYS catalog. However, as this project proceeded, the color grew on me and became more and more beautiful.  The yarn itself is splitty as hell, and nearly drove me insane in the beginning.  Again, however, as I knitted along, I became accustomed to its idiosyncrasy and learned to like it for the gorgeous stitch definition and springy-ness.

I still love the color and like the yarn. I’m not so crazy about the top itself. In fact, I’m considering frogging it. The yarn was too costly to let this FO sit here, unworn.

Although the top fits well in general, it’s much too short. I’m not a tall person, but the medium size I made stops right at my natural waist. The funky “muscle shirt” sleeve combined with the boxy shape is not flattering on me at all. And the neckline is too high for my taste.  The top itself is fun to knit: a few rows of this, a few rows of that.

If I use this pattern again, I will definitely add more rows in the body; enough to make the basketweave section cover the bust area, with the double seed stitch for the underbust to natural waist, and triangle from waist to high hip. I’d also add some waist shaping to break up the boxiness, and possibly change the sleeves to cap sleeves, or even make them 3/4 length fitted sleeves. I’d lower the neckline as well.

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3 thoughts on “Bamboozle top!

  1. That's because bamboo is really just rayon, only made from cellulose from bamboo instead of cellulose from trees. And rayon frays.
    Same thing for the new "corn" yarns and several of the other new plant-based yarns; they're all rayon.


  2. <q>That's because bamboo is really just rayon</q>~~~~You're referring to the splittiness, right? When
    I sew, especially skirts or dresses, I love using rayon fabrics because
    they drape so well. Now I know I like rayon yarns, too, but I'll be
    aware of the split factor in the future and maybe not get so frustrated.


  3. Correct, the splittiness. A word the language needed, though I'm not sure it should have two t's. But you invented it, so it's your call.

    One thing to remember when working with any of the viscose (generic name for rayon, which is actually a brand name) yarns: after you weave in the ends, a dab of Fray-Check or clear nail polish, 'cause otherwise they'll slip and unravel and unweave themselves.


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