The LYS girls think I’m insane

Because I plan on making this afghan:

Tapestry Afghan sample photo

Just because it has twenty-something colors and will be the first time I ever attempt any sort of colorwork doesn't mean I'm insane.  It just means I'm fearless.  *grin*  The girls at Knitting Daily will be so proud.

Here's a photo of the pile'o'yarn purchased yesterday specifically for this project.


Note:  I don't plan on starting this project anytime in the near future.  I have Christmas presents to make first.  But my LYS had Patons Canadiana on sale and I figured this was as good a time as any to stock up on the yarn!

*snerk*  Who am I kidding?  As if I need an excuse to buy yarn.

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3 thoughts on “The LYS girls think I’m insane

  1. Oh. My. God. I wish you luck. As a newbie knitter it's a big deal to start my first hat with stripes (just bought the yarn yesterday) – I think I'd go mad if that afghan was my first colourwork project. Make sure you post pics whenever you get working on it!


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