Moving right along…

The mini Pom is nearly done.  Some assembly is required, but all the pieces are ready.

Pom Pom Get A Pom #5

Stupid fiddly mohair yarn nearly drove me insane on the little bits.  *grrr*  The body, legs, tail, and ears need brushing out to fluffy fullness, and then all the bits will be sewn together.  I expect to finish it tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a pic of the latest finished Christmas present, a scarf for my niece:

Jordan's scarf

and a rare photo of yours truly wearing said scarf:

Self portrait modeling Jordan's scarf

Gotta love those mirror shots.

Project details
Yarn?  "Dream" by Dark Horse Yarns, 1 skein, colorway 106.
Pattern?  Don't make me laugh.  I simply cast on 15 stitches using size 17 circular needles, and worked row after row of stockinette until the yarn was gone.
Satisfaction with end product?  I like it.  I hope the 5-year-old for whom it's intended will, too.

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