Sock it 2 me

After nearly two years of knitting, I had never made socks, and desperately wanted to learn.  So many cute patterns!  Such a great gift idea!  And so I signed up for a sock class at my beloved LYS, The Sew-So Shop in downtown Marysville.  We would be making socks using the two-at-a-time technique.  I bought the book:


And some sock yarn:

And a pair of size 2 Addi Turbo Lace 40-inch circular needles.

Double pointed needles were the reason I avoided socks to this point.  DPNs scare the snot out of me.  Sometimes I have enough trouble with two needles.  Why on earth would I want to mess with four or five?  However, I understand circular needles and how they work.

The verdict?  So far so good!  This method of making socks is sooooo easy!  Okay, the first couple of rows are a little tough, mainly because they're so tight against the needle, but once past that, it's smoooooth knitting.  In fact, this method may have helped me get past my fear of DPNs.  At least now I'm willing to give them a try, with something other than sock yarn. 

At any rate, I've finished the cuffs:

and am ready to start on the heel flap.  If all goes well, I'll get the heel flap done before our next class on Thursday.  That way I can have a hands-on lesson in turning the heel.

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7 thoughts on “Sock it 2 me

  1. But this is not a plug. Right? *grin* Actually, I've been eyeing a couple of your superwash colorways, but I need to let spouse "forget" how much yarn I currently have before buying more. He opened the stash closet the other day and nearly fainted.


  2. Those are looking good! How do you like Trekking? I bought two colorways to make socks for my hubby, but I haven't started them yet, too many other projects! Is it splitty? I use dpn's, the magic loop method scares me.


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