Nearing the finish line…

I've been off work all week.  Yay, autumn vacation time!  As a result, I'm pretty close to being done with a couple of projects; so close, in fact, that I started another.  Cast-on-itis, I haz it.

Below is the Jawbreaker cardigan with its collar in the blocking stage.

Jawbreaker Cardigan #2

Although the pattern instructions call for sewing the shoulder seams, attaching the collar, and then blocking, I  decided to block all the pieces first, then sew up the shoulders, then attach the collar.  I'm glad I did it that way.  The blocked pieces were so much easier to handle when sewing seams and picking up the collar stitches.  Tomorrow the collar should be dry enough to remove from the blocking board, and then, ASSEMBLY!!  I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all put together.  I only have one worry:  will it fit?  The last time I saw my sister, she'd gained a little weight, which looks great on her; but this cardigan was made for the too-skinny figure she once had (I was more than half-way done with the project on our last visit.)   I dunno.  The yarn is forgiving and the pattern is supposed to fit a little loosely.  Maybe there's enough ease built in.

SIL's Coquette socks are in the "approaching the toe" phase.

Coquette Socks #2

I turned the heel and made the gussets with no problem whatsoever.  Who said socks were hard?  This may be one of the easiest projects I've ever done!  And I'm enjoying it thoroughly, except for this current endless endless endless stockinette part, the endlessness of which is due entirely to the skinniness of the yarn involved.  It's mindless, at this point, though, which makes it a good project to watch TV by.

And a couple of days ago, while the Jawbreaker cardigan pieces were blocking, I started on my father's gift.  I'm calling it the Christmas Beau.

Daddy's sweater

The pattern is Beau, from Rowan Vintage Knits:

And the yarn is Rowan Classic's Soft Tweed in "Twig".  The pattern calls for a worsted/aran weight yarn, and the Soft Tweed is super-bulky, so there was a bit of math involved to figure out which size's instructions to follow to make the right size for my papa.  The pattern is super easy, though; no refiguring of cables or other complicated pattern stitches needed.  I like this yarn (naturally: it's discontinued).  It's soft as soft can be, for all that it looks like spun dryer lint.  And it's supposed to felt well.  I have one more colorway that I may use for a felted bag.  Later.  Much later.

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