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Jawbreaker cardi, complete

This morning I found the perfect single button for the Jawbreaker Cardigan, and sewed it on this afternoon.  Behold, the loveliness of my sister's Christmas present:

Jawbreaker Cardigan #3

Here's a closeup of the pretty little button:

Jawbreaker Cardigan #4

I feel so accomplished!

Pattern:  Jawbreaker Cardigan by Kendra Cray from Interweave Knits Winter 2006
Size: 37 1/2"
Yarn:  Rowan Plaid in "Moonlight Wave", 6 balls (the last ball was used solely for the collar; about half the skein remained when finished)
Needle size:  Size 11 for the ribbing, Size 13 for the body.  The pattern calls for size 10.5 for the ribbing and 11 for the body, but I knit tightly and had to go up a size to achieve gauge.
Satisfaction with end product:  *beam*  I like it!  I hope Sis does.  (I hope it fits her.)

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