DPNs: No more fear

Although I love my Boye interchangeable needles, the cable is too stiff to use the magic loop technique on small projects.  Because the rest of the projects I have planned for Christmas gifts require knitting in the round, and double pointed needles are less expensive than Addi Turbos with a cable long enough for magic loop, I had to conquer my fear of DPNs.

Therefore, I bit the bullet and bought some.  Well, not just some.  A bunch.  In various sizes.  Metal and bamboo.  I don't do things in half-measures.  Michael's and my LYS, The Sew-So Shop, love me.  (ASIDE TO MY SPOUSE:  But, honey, I was saving money.  Do you know how much those Addi Turbos cost?)

With some trepidation, I read various forums and articles on Ravelry and Knitting Daily on how to work with DPNs.  With my courage boosted and believing once more in knitting fearlessly, I picked up the size 6 DPNs and started working the strap of the Petunia Tote from Interweave Knits Spring 2007.  A few stitches later and….Astonishing!  It works!  I can do this!

Look Ma! DPNs!

Thus emboldened, and in search of some immediate gratification, I grabbed the size 11 DPNs and cast on the Ribby Slipper Sock from Interweave Knits Holiday 2008.  Omigosh!  Just like magic, within a few hours, I had one finished slipper, and had started on the second.

Giant slippers in progress

(Of course, big yarn doubled up helped with the speed, but still….)

Today is a vacation day, and tomorrow is a Federal holiday, so I don't go back to work until Wednesday.  I'm going to get soooo much done!

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