2008 in review: Techniques learned

Although I picked up knitting needles for the first time a little over two years ago, 2008 was the year I actually learned to knit anything other than scarves in garter stitch, and it was also the year I learned a little more about crochet.  And so, I thought I'd review all the new stuff I learned this year in the order I learned it, and share the project that taught it.  Warning: lots of pictures ahead.

Learned to felt with this hat:
Felted hat 2

Learned to follow a lace crochet chart with this baby blanket:
Finished lacy baby blanket 3

Learned to purl with this scarf:
Mooreen models a scarf

Learned to block properly with this baby blanket:
2nd Bamboo Baby Blankie #3

Learned to increase with this shawl:
Garter stitch shawl 5

Learned yarnovers and basic seaming/garment construction with my first cardigan:
Jordan's cardi #10

Learned designing my own simple crochet pattern with this runner (the doily came from someone else's motif):
Sis's doilies

Learned ribbing and combining knit/crochet with this cardigan:
Mohair cardi #1

Learned to pick up stitches, join seams with mattress stitch, and to follow a multiple-stitch pattern with this pullover:
Finished front

Learned the three-needle bindoff with this hoodie:
Bobby's Christmas hoodie #1

Learned short rows with this cardigan:
Jawbreaker Cardigan #3

Learned magic loop and turning a heel with my first pair of socks:
Coquette Socks #3

Learned to use DPNs with these slippers:
A multitude of slippers!

Learned the basics of intarsia with this cap:
Skully cap

Wonder what kind of new stuff I'll learn next year?  Custom shaping?  Darts?  Designing my own sweater?  The possibilities are endless!

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