Sometimes I should be more selfish

I truly enjoy making things for other people.  It's a joy to give a beloved friend or family member something handmade, with love and friendship imbued into every stitch. 

However, right now, at this very moment, I'm tired of making things for other people.  I want to make something for ME, dammit!  Yet I have commitments to fulfill.  *sigh*

Still working on spouse's socks:
Treads socks #1
The cuff is done and I'm ready to start the heels.

This scarf is done and intended as a gift.
Mohair scarf
Made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Grape for the base yarn, and Artful Yarns Broadway (colorway #002) as the carry-along for its fluffiness and color changes. Soft, fuzzy, lightweight, and ever so warm. Approx. 6" wide and about 60" long. My pattern.

A closeup of the stitch pattern, which you probably can't see anyway due to the fluffy yarn:
Mohair scarf detail

I've also started on a crocheted shawl using Patons Brilliant and the Solomon's Knot stitch.  It's also intended as a gift.  No pictures because it currently looks like a rumpled mess.  Once it's finished and blocked, I'll show it off.  Unless it turns out truly awful, and then you'll never hear of it again, and I'll think of something else for its intended recipient.

Once these gifts are done, I promise myself the next THREE projects will be mine mine mine.

(I do have one project on the needles for me:
Duo Cardigan #1
Eventually this will be a cardigan.  The yarn is Duo by Jarbo Garn, 100% acrylic and one of the softest acrylics I've ever had the pleasure to touch.)

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes I should be more selfish

  1. busy, busy, busy! You are amazing! Every once in a while you do need to make things for yourself! All the things that I wear where originally intended for my Etsy store, and then I try them on, fall in love and that's it! By the way, love the yarn you are using for your cardigan!


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