Got hooks?

For the edification of the blissfully unaware, March is National Crochet Month.  Although I haven't done anything (as yet) on the scale of many of my fellow hookers (such as teach a class, crochet a sweater for a tree, or even take my hooking public), I have set my knitting aside and been working diligently on my current crochet projects, with the intention of finishing them this month.

The Cable Rerun afghan (which is in the September 2008 issue of Crochet Today! but inexplicably is NOT shown on the web page for that issue) awaits blocking and assembly:
Cable Rerun Afghan #3

The Solomon's Knot Shawl referenced in this blog entry was finished two days ago.  I hated it.  I hated it so much I didn't even take a picture of the finished project but took it straight to the frog pond. (It's intended as a gift, and I want it to be perfect.)  I am now working on its second incarnation, which will not be a shawl (remember, I'm not a shawl person) but will be a stole (even though I'm not a stole person, either).  Once it's done, I believe I'll add some kind of lacy shell edging to the bottom to give the piece some weight.  We'll see.
Solomon's Knot shawl, in progress

And a closer look at the stitching (but not too close):
Solomon's Knot Shawl, take 2

And then there's this silly little thread piece intended as a hatband for spouse's Aussie-style cowboy hat:
Pineapples.  They're not just for doilies anymore.

Alas, the Pom is still dead. Dead  (I keep hearing that song from Oklahoma: "Poor Judd is dead….")

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3 thoughts on “Got hooks?

  1. Actually, "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" is almost always in my head, along w/ "Yellow Rose of Texas," because they are tunes you can sing almost any words to, included telling the guinea pig how stupid he is, and the chinchillas how fuzzy they are, and random newspaper headlines set to music – all of which are things I do on far too regular a basis."Peg O' My Heart" sometimes, too. Easy to turn into "Pig O' My Cage"


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