Gosh, has it really been a month…

….since I wrote an entry?  Guess so.  And now the latest issue of Crochet Today! is waiting for a review as well.

Still working on the Gathered Pullover. I actually thought I was done except for the seaming until last night, when I sewed on a sleeve and tried it on to check the fit.  Not good.  The sleeve is too long.  And too tight through the shoulder cap.  *sigh*  So, this morning I removed the sleeve, ripped it back to where the increases began, and will now re-knit with more frequent increases and a taller sleeve cap.  Lather, rinse, repeat for the other sleeve.  This should be interesting.  I hope I don't have to rip out the main body to redo the armholes too.

The crocheting part of the Houndstooth Bag is done; the lining, interfacing, zipper, and hardware have all been purchased; and the lot of it sits on my craft table awaiting assembly, next to the new sewing machine I had to buy to finish this project.  (Hush: that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.) 

In the meantime, I could not resist casting on for Delphine from French Girl Knits, using Skacel Collection's Urban Silk in 03 Pretty Pink.  Kind of a fussy yarn, but it knits up beautifully with a great sheen and texture.

And, because I needed a portable and mindless project, I decided to adapt Julia Vaconsin's Malabrigo Top from Interweave Crochet's Spring 2009 issue to use the Rowan Denim that's been sitting in my stash for sometime.  I say adapt because the pattern is written for a laceweight wool, which the Rowan most certainly is not.  Also, I'm making it as a sleeveless V-neck cardi/vest, rather than a sleeveless V-neck pullover vest.  Someday I hope to be as comfortable changing and adapting and essentially rewriting knit patterns to suit me as I am crochet patterns.

Right now I'm resisting the urge to pull out the Classic Elite Desert and cast on Stephanie Japel's Thick and Thin Cardigan from Fitted Knits.

Still no pics.  Recently I am most remiss when it comes to pictures.

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