UFOs, this time with pics

First, the bad news:  I decided to frog the Gathered Pullover.  Yes, at about 95% completion, I took a good long look at the fabric and how it draped, and decided the Mirasol Cotanani was not the right yarn for the job.  The color was gorgeous, the stitch definition was fabulous, but the whole thing was just too heavy, and I'd have hated wearing it.  So, we took a trip to the frog pond.  However, I did take a picture of it before destruction…
Gathered Pullover 1
And a closeup of the cabled knot detail:
Gathered Pullover detail
I'll definitely make this top someday, but with a lighter yarn (i.e. NOT a wool/cotton blend).  Gee, maybe even the yarn the pattern suggests.  Now there's a concept! *grin*  And as far as the Cotanani is concerned, all is not lost:  I have a couple of ideas for the right pattern for that particular stash.


The Houndstooth Bag is awaiting assembly:
Houndstooth Bag 3
Assembly involves heavy duty fusible interfacing (not shown) and a zipper.  I have always disliked sewing zippers.  However, I have a new sewing machine:
New sewing machine
Which should make sewing a pleasure again instead of the struggle it was as my old machine died a long and painful death.

I only work on Delphine when I can pay fairly close attention; therefore, we're just inching along:
Delphine 1
The lace pattern is easy, but it's not mindless.  Gotta watch that stitch count carefully.

And then there's the Denimbrigo, so called because I'm using Rowan Denim instead of the suggested Malabrigo laceweight:
Denimbrigo 1
Do you see the problem?  I didn't, at least not until I took this photograph.  Notice the major color variation where I changed skeins, that is.  Checked the yarn…different dye lots!  Damn!  I thought I'd been so careful.  Luckily, only two skeins are different, so I'll use them for the upper bodice.  I already ripped this one out and expect to start over this evening.  As you might expect, given the vastly different weights between the suggested yarn and what I'm using, I'm making some major modifications to this pattern.  Notes will be posted with the finished project.

Of course, the baby blanket is still in pieces:
Spare Baby Blanket #4

and the Pom is in permanent hibernation:
Pom Pom Get A Pom #5

Still, the goal of the moment is to finish something before picking up the Cotanani again.  We'll see how well that goes.

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