Icy Spring Throw

One of the advantages of taking such a long break from blogging is spending more time making stuff to blog about.  (When not screwing around on Facebook, that is.)  This morning, I finished this blanket:

Icy Spring Blanket 2

Pattern:  Airy Spring Throw by Marianne Forestal, from Crochet Today! Mar/Apr 2009
Yarn:  Bernat Berella 4 in Winter White, roughly 8 1/2 skeins, or 1568 yards.
Hook:  H and J
Skill level:  Easy peasy
Satisfaction with end result:  LOVE!!!  I don't think the picture does it justice.  This is flat gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  And the fabric, once the finished piece had been washed and dried, is soooo soft and cozy, but still lightweight.  It's intended as a gift.  Now I just have to discover who I made it for.

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3 thoughts on “Icy Spring Throw

  1. Hi, Im trying this pattern and getting confused inrow #2, It says to Ch 1, turn; sc in first sc; ch 4, sk next sc, shell in chain-2 space of next V-st, ch 4 (sk next sc, sc in next sc.) I put in () where my problem begins. There are no more sc until the last 2 at the end of the row.

    Does it mean sk next double crochet, sc in the next double crochet? Or am I miss interpreting this pattern?

    Im so frustrated and any help would be just wonderful.



    • If you look at the chart on page 55 of the magazine, you’ll see exactly what the written instructions are telling you. In row 1, you set up the V-stitch as the base for each shell, and between the V-stitches are 3 sc. So: on row 2, sc in 1st sc, chain 4, shell in the 2-chain space of the V-stitch, chain 4, sc in the center sc of the 3 sc between after the V. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      Good luck!


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