2009 in review: Techniques learned

Learned how to kill acrylic with steam blocking in this afghan (trust me, it was a good and necessary thing):
Cable Rerun 4

Learned seamless construction and raglan sleeves in this cardigan:
Duo Cardigan #4

Learned how to graft a seam with this purse:
Blue Petunia Bag, complete

Learned how to modify a crochet pattern to suit me with this top:
Ring Around the Posie 2

Learned it's okay to frog a nearly-completed garment when it's just not working out right with this top:
Gathered Pullover 1

Learned cabling with the same top:
Gathered Pullover detail

Learned how to insert a zipper in a small project with this purse:
Houndstooth Bag 5

Learned to make a thumb gusset with these mitts:
Zephyr Mitts 3

In 2009, I completed a total of 22 projects and used this much yarn:

A new year, and new techniques, await!

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