No, I haven’t forgotten how to knit…

…nor how to type.  I've been busy.  Moving.  From California to Alabama.  Yes, that is a long way, both physically and culturally.  But I've lived in the South before and, although I'll always consider California — especially the Central Coast — to be my heart's home, I'm glad to be back in Dixie.

I'm slowly getting back into the yarn groove and should have some FOs to show off in the near future.  Unless, that is, spouse drafts me to help strip 80 years' worth of paint off windowsills again.  Yes, we bought an old house.  And I love it, despite the 80-years-thick coat of paint on every wooden surface that isn't the floor.  What this means, however, is I'll have to squeeze out time for yarn somewhere in between time spent at work and time spent on renovation projects.  And that means cutting out the hours I spend writing magazine reviews.  The fun had gone out of that anyway, so, meh.  No big deal.  I may make an exception for Rowan, though.  They only come out twice a year.

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