Interweave Press tempted me beyond bearing a couple of weeks ago.  The email about their "hurt book sale" sent me over to the website in a flash and, before I knew it, I had loaded up my cart with all sorts of knitty goodness, with a little crochet tossed in for good measure.  The worst part of it, though?  Waiting for delivery after placing my order.

However, UPS paid me a visit today.  I tore open the box so fast that packing paper and bubble wrap flew every which way.  "Oh Oh Oh!" said I in a frenzy of booklust.  Spouse lifted his gaze from his computer and spotted me carrying on like a banshee.

"More books.  You bought more books." 

"They were on SALE!!!!"  He rolled his eyes and went back to his spreadsheet.  And so, without further adieu, I present to you the latest additions to the avanta7 yarnie goodness library.

Poems of Color
Wendy Keele

I've lusted after Poems of Color ever since I first read a review in one of the Interweave mags a year or so ago.  I'd never of the Bohus Stickning movement before then, but the subject fascinated me.  Little did I know this book includes not only a history of the Swedish handknit tradition, but gorgeous patterns and color charts too!

I am the least ethnic person you'll ever hope to meet.  That doesn't prevent me from loving the designs in Knitting out of Africa.  Beautiful sweaters in vibrant geometric color patterns based on traditional tribal designs…a feast for the eyes and a challenge for any knitter.  I don't know that I'll ever actually make anything out of this book, at least not in the near future, but I love looking at it.

Marianne Isager pops up in another must have book.  Inca Knits contains more ethnic-inspired patterns, this time stemming from traditional South American themes.

The designs are colorful and fun, including not only geometric color work but intarsia animals and other whimsical designs.  Again, I haven't mustered the courage to try colorwork yet, so actually knitting anything out of this book will most likely not happen anytime soon.  It's still lovely to look at, and dream, and plan.

And then there's No Sheep for You.  I am not allergic to wool, thank heavens, but I love working with non-animal fibers.  I'd been putting off and putting off buying this book.  When it showed up on the hurt book sale for a fraction of its cover price, it was a given that it would go in the cart.

A quick scan of the patterns reveals lots of cables (I love cables) and mostly solid color knits.  The first pattern to really catch my eye is a bathrobe of bulky silk.  A bathrobe.  What a great idea!

Okay, enough with the patterns.  I also acquired some basic library reference material.  Because one can never have too many reference books.

Not sure how to make a left slant increase?  Look it up!  How about that pesky Kitchener stitch?  Look it up!  Those two techniques and a zillion others can be found in this handy dandy and easily portable flip book.  Required equipment for every knitting bag.

This little pamphlet should also be required equipment for any knitting bag.  I don't know about you, but I can't count how many times I've been in a yarn shop and fallen in love with a gorgeous hank of fiber, but NOT BOUGHT IT because I didn't know how much I'd need for the intended project.

Crochet reference was not totally neglected in this purchase.  A guide to crochet yarn requirements…

…and the Crocheter's Companion round out this latest orgy of acquisition.

All this lovely stuff for only $85.03, including shipping.  Wow.  At full cover price, this order would have been $151.60, plus shipping.  I have a good job, and so does spouse, but I would have definitely thought twice before making that purchase.

Wonder what will be in the hurt book sale next year?

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