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Look, Mom! I finished something.

Two FOs to show off.

This is my beautiful mother modeling her new vest.

Pattern: Aon by Berroco Design Team
Size: 48″
Yarn: Rowan Soft Tweed in Twig
Needle size: US6 and US8

Vast expanses of stockinette with a little ribbing make this the perfect no-brainer knit for watching television.  The pattern calls for a single button at the bottom of the V, but Mom didn’t want a button.

By the way, that ball of fluff at the bottom left is Tinkerbell.

Here’s another pic for a closer view:




A few days after the vest was finished and given to her, she called to say she wanted pockets.  So on Thanksgiving I made pockets and sewed them on.  Eventually I’ll get pics with the pockets.


This next project has a story.  Once upon a time, I was paging through a knitting magazine and saw a pair of mittens that screamed, and I mean screamed, at me:  “Make me!  I belong to [NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THE SURPRISE IN CASE SHE READS THIS BLOG ENTRY]!”  I ignored them for a while, but for the next several months I kept going back to that issue and looking at the mittens and thinking to myself, “Yes, you DO belong to [NAME].  I really must make you.”  A year later I finally bought the yarn.  And this afternoon, I finally finished the mittens.

Thus introduced, I present to you the Pagliacci Mittens:


Pattern: Pagliacci Mittens by Kristen Nicholas
Source: Vogue Fall 2008
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needle: US8

The only reason these mittens took over a year to make is sheer laziness and procrastination. The knitting itself took no time at all. The embroidery intimidated me…I hadn’t done any embroidery work since I was a kid. But, once I finally knuckled down to do it, my hands remembered the techniques and stitches. The embroidery was done over two evenings of TV watching. I made a crochet chain strand for the pompoms rather than a knit strand.




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