Approaching the end of hour 12

Productivity has slowed down immensely. Since my last post, I’ve only managed to complete five triangles. Now, these triangles take a grand total of about 20 minutes each. But I keep nodding off. In fact, I curled up under the blankie in the recliner for close to an hour along about 2:30 am.

And I’m a bit peeved with BBC America at the moment. They had been advertising all day the other day about a Being Human marathon, leading up to the premiere of the new season at 9 PM Monday night. At least, I thought it was Monday night. Apparently my brain is fuzzy because now I can’t remember when it was. It’s certainly not on now, which is when I thought it would be. Instead, we have BBC World News. I can’t handle news and legitimate information at the moment. Grrrr. Guess it’s back to Stargate SG-U.

It may be time to make a pot of coffee…


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