Put down the hooks, pick up the needles

After the last several weeks of nothing but crochet, I decided to cast on for a pattern that has been in my Ravelry queue forever.

The pattern is from Knit Simple Summer 2008, and calls for a 100% cotton DK yarn (Classic Elite’s Provence). I decided to use the Mirasol Cotanani that’s been sitting in stash for almost as long as that pattern’s been in my queue…
Mirasol Yarns CotananiCotanani is 60% cotton, 40% wool, and feels soooo soft. I expect by the time I finish the knitting, the weather will be too warm for this piece, but I don’t care.

I love Mirasol’s yarns. Not only are they beautiful and come in gorgeous colors, proceeds from the sale of the yarn are used to provide schooling and health care to the Peruvian community from whence it comes. Gorgeous and socially conscious! What more can one want?

ETA: When I re-read this after posting, I realized it could come across as an advertisement. And so, clarification: I have no connection with Mirasol. I just really love their yarns.


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