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WIP Wednesday — The craft room

Last Friday the UPS man paid my house a visit and left behind a box. A big box. From KnitPicks. My husband rolled his eyes. “What did you buy this time?”

A classic “But honey, it was on sale!” moment.

But the swift and ballwinder could not stay mounted to the ironing board. I took a good look around at my craft/junk room.

and decided it was time for some organization.

So, the books and magazines were rounded up from several places, including the living room, and placed on the shelves to await reorganization. The boxes of electronic junk and tools got hauled out of this room and into my husband’s office so he can finally sort through it (like he’s been telling me he will do for a WHOLE YEAR! But I digress.). Various plastic boxes of gift wrap, miscellaneous household items, and just plain trash were pulled out from under the table and examined for any potential treasures and/or useful items. Anything that was old, wrinkled, soiled, torn, broken, or just plain ugly was pitched.

Then the magazines and books were removed from the shelves, sorted and organized, and reshelved. The crochet thread was gathered from its various resting places and placed into a couple of large baskets. The WIPs that were lying all over the tables were gathered into one bin. The yarn bins were moved from the top of the craft tables. The tables were pulled away from the wall and set so they could actually serve the purpose for which I bought them: a bona fide work surface. The sewing machine was set up, the blocking squares were laid out, the steamer was re-assembled, the swift and ballwinder found a new home on a small folding table. Omigosh! I think I found a craft room!

All is not yet complete…my desk area is still pretty sad.

I need some display shelves to hang on the wall between the doors to show off the collectible figurines currently hiding among the desk clutter. A big rug for the middle of the floor would be nice. More magazine cases are a necessity. I also intend to frame a couple of my grandmother’s doilies as art pieces for the large wall above the ironing board.

Eventually, I’d like to install one of those Murphy beds with storage and a drop down table so the craft tables can be removed and the room can double as a guest room when necessary.

Oh, and just so you all can see OCD in action…take a look at the pincushion. In the midst of all this decluttering and rearranging, I managed to find time to group all of the straight pins by color.


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Mild mannered government employee and part-time actor, fiendishly obsessed with yarn, books, and Doctor Who, much to her husband's chagrin.

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday — The craft room

  1. When you use the swift, you’ll need it a bit further away from the ballwinder than that little table will permit. But I’ll bet you can move the little table closer to one of your other tables and transfer the ballwinder to there. And if you don’t already have something handy, find a box with smooth insides (or a larger Rubbermaid storage container) that you can drop a ball of yarn into and rewind it on the ballwinder. When you wind from the swift, your tension is liable to be too tight; you’ll want to drop that ball into the “bucket/box/whatever” and rewind it into a very soft, squishy ball. Think about how squishy yarn is when you buy it. (Everything but Red Heart, anyway.) If you wind yarn into a firm ball, you’ve stretched the fibers and they don’t go back to their proper springiness. I usually rewind all the cakes I get wound at the LYS because their cakes are too tight. If your ball of yarn is bounce-able, it’s too tight.

    Your grandmother and I have similar tastes in doilies:


  2. I LOVE my knit picks swift and ball winder. I agree, they will need to be further away. I actually use a tall stool for my swift, and a step stool for my ball winder, which I can put on any table top. That way I can wind yarn upstairs or downstairs!


  3. Wow, amazing before and after action happening here! Great job on the reorganization. I need to get off my butt and do the same with my craft/master bedroom. Those are lovely doilies and will look beautiful displayed on the wall.


  4. Isn’t it such a good feeling to have breathing room in your studio?!? You did such good work in there, and I know it will inspire great projects going forward!
    …the pins, though…yupp…a little bit OCD
    (speaking as one who knows!!) giggle.


  5. Beautiful job reorganizing! You’re so fortunate to have a room you can dedicate just to your crafts. And I think the swift/ballwinder combo is my favorite craft accessory ever. I never could have stepped outside the big box store realm without them. I have nothing like the patience for winding by hand.


  6. You certainly DID find a craft room! A nice roomy open one at that! Congrats!! I’ve been working on many de-cluttering projects through the year and always find so much inspiration in the successes of others.


  7. I’m so relieved there are other people in the world who do that to their pin cushions!

    Now if only that organisation translated into a cleaned up craft room the way it did for you!


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