Stitches South Day 1

I left home early yesterday afternoon to drive to Atlanta, about 2 1/2 hours away, mostly interstate. The drive was uneventful. I remain resentful at the State of Alabama for reducing the speed limit on I-20 between Birmingham and the Georgia state line to 55 mph. It feels like the car is crawling along…and one doesn’t dare speed because Alabama is generating a good portion of its state revenue these days from speeding tickets along this stretch of road. State troopers are everywhere.

The Renaissance Waverly is a beautiful hotel.

With some really nice art pieces in spots. Unfortunately I neglected to pack the USB cable for my digital camera, so any pics I post before getting home will be from the cell phone….(the one above is from the hotel website.)

Kelly was already here when I arrived. After a quickie catch up chat, we went out to dinner to a Brazilian steakhouse a short drive from the hotel. Sal Grosso boasts an all you can eat buffet of various ethnic foods, and gauchos wandering by the tables with large cuts of beef on skewers for the diner to select. I had the garlic beef, and omg my mouth thought it had died and gone to heaven. Soo good. And so expensive! But worth it, absolutely.

Oh! And I shared the elevator with Anna Zilboorg! She was our first speaker this morning. She talked a little about the history of knitting, and showed up some fabulous slides and examples of her work. Her latest focus is on embellishments. She brought a couple of cardigans she had knit and then added embroidery between ribbing or inside cable loops. They were stunning…I wished I had brought the camera with me but I thought it would be rude…

Anyway, at lunch we had tablehopping designers. The only one I had heard of was Lily Chin. She’s a hoot. And I’m definitely taking her all day class on fitting next year.

My first class was this afternoon: “Left Can Be Right For You”, in which we learned the basics of Continental knitting and purling, along with a few other techniques for left handed yarn control, like the Norwegian purl. We also had a quickie lesson in Portuguese knitting, in which yarn tension is controlled by looping the working yarn around one’s neck. It’s fairly easy on the hands but a little counter-intuitive, because the knit stitches are pulled toward the knitter and the purl stitches pushed away. Takes a minute to wrap the mind around that.

Internet access in the guest room is pricey, so I’m taking advantage of the free wireless in the lobby. There are knitters everywhere.

S S 1

I’m a happy girl.

The Market should be opening here shortly, and my wireless access time is running short. Back tomorrow with more news from the frontlines.

Woo hoo!


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