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Stitches South Day 2 and 3

Just a quickie update because (a) I’m exhausted; and (b) my laptop battery is fading fast….

Yesterday’s classes were “The Joy of Finishing” and “Fearless Fair Isle”. I have conquered mattress stitch, and am no longer terrified by Fair Isle.

Yesterday evening we had the Knitter’s Magazine Fashion Show, with lots of gorgeous knits, some of which were given away as door prizes. I did not win. And cameras were not allowed either. *pout* While we were safely ensconced in a nearly hermetically sealed hotel, a thunderstorm was raging outside, complete with tornados. We were blissfully unaware until the power went out in the middle of the fashion show. After about 15 or 30 seconds, the backup generators kicked in, and the show was back on.

By the time the show was over, the electricity had been fully restored and we went on to dinner. Grilled salmon and wilted spinach on a bed of….grits. I was surprised at how well the textures and tastes blended. Because I don’t eat grits. Or spinach. πŸ™‚

After dinner, Kelly and I attended the 2nd Annual Stitches South Pajama Party….again, no pics right now because I used the digital camera. As soon as I get home and have access to the USB cable, I promise.

Today’s classes were “Cut and Paste” and “Double Dare”. I can now graft with relative ease and have the basics of double knitting with multiple colors.

More details on all of this stuff when I get home.

I do have a few crappy cell phone photos from today….




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3 thoughts on “Stitches South Day 2 and 3

    1. Oh yay! You’ll have a wonderful time.

      I’m not sure if I’ll be attending this year — it’s our 10th anniversary that week, and my husband made some “let’s go on another honeymoon” noises recently… πŸ™‚ If I *do* make it to Atlanta, I’ll look for you.


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