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Button, button

It’s harder than one might think to take pretty pictures of buttons.

I love beautiful buttons. The right button makes all the difference in finishing a garment. This is why, under normal circumstances, I don’t buy buttons unless I have finished the project for which I need them. But, while at Stitches South, I went a little button crazy. Justifiably so, of course, because one of the vendors had nifty contemporary buttons for a reasonable price, and another vendor sold vintage buttons. For unreasonable prices. But I had prize money, and I didn’t care.

We’ll start with the contemporary buttons. They’re all made from resin, with a little sparkledust for good measure. Except for these, which remind me of jujubes:
Resin Jujubes
I’m not exactly sure which yarn or pattern these will suit best. Yet.

This lime green buttons will go on a purple cardigan.
Lime Green Resin
But I have no idea what pattern I’ll use.

These sparkly burgundy-slash-mauve buttons mostly likely will be used with the yarn shown below:
Resin Burgundy Sparkle Rectangle
Maybe. I haven’t entirely decided what to do with that yarn.

More sparkly resin buttons with no designated project or yarn:
Round Resin Gold Sparkle
Square Resin Gold Sparkle

Now for the old fashioned stuff!

The vintage glass buttons shown below took my breath away when I saw them in the vendor’s display.
Vintage Glass
They will be used with the yarn shown.

The square mother of pearl buttons will also be used with the yarn shown:
Vintage Mother of Pearl

The rest of the buttons have no designated yarns or projects. I make no apologies, however; they were too beautiful to pass up.
Vintage Flowers
Vintage Black Gold Silver
Vintage Black Gold
Vintage Black Silver


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10 thoughts on “Button, button

  1. Your items are beautiful. I really love the buttons that took your breath away and the black and white buttons (the picture under your square mother of pearl buttons), especially.

    Your posts make me want to take up knitting…


      1. I forget what the store is called that is in the next town over…but I am always tempted to go there because they offer knitting and crochet classes…and seem to have a lot of specialty yarns.

        I’m a pullover for specialty yarns as I used to card and spin wool…and angora.

        Yet I didn’t get into crochet or knitting. Seems a crime, now…


  2. First of all: So. Jealous. That is some haul you’ve got there.

    Like you, I’m such a sucker for buttons, and I have LOADS. But I never take pictures of them because I can’t figure out how to make them look interesting and still show off what the buttons look like at the same time.


    1. I know. I’m not entirely happy with the pics, but at least people can see most of the detail on the buttons. I guess I need to learn to use the macro function on my camera…

      It was simply dangerous in that vintage button booth.


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