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Oh, look! A finished project! And other new stuff to show off.

While not writing in my blog, despite my New Year’s non-resolution to update more often, I’ve been doing a number of other things, such as watch lots of TV series via Netflix I never saw when they were first aired, like, umm, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel — not done with either of those two series, so no spoilers please — Dollhouse (so I’m on a Joss Whedon kick, what of it?), and the first season of Downton Abbey; read books (12 so far this year); and make stuff. Mostly stuff I (a) haven’t yet finished; (b) finished but haven’t yet taken pictures; or (c) finished AND taken pictures but haven’t yet downloaded off the camera or uploaded to the web.

Remedied one of those last items today, though! Feast your eyes upon the Lacy Winter White Blanket:

Pattern: Lacy Lilac Blanket by Katherine Eng, Crochet Today! Mar/Apr 2009
Yarn: Bernat Berella 4, 4 skeins. The best acrylic worsted ever.
Colorway: Natural
Hook size: H

This sweet little blanket was finished in February. The pattern calls for 35 squares, if I recall correctly, but I made it with 20 squares only because it’s intended for a baby: my sister’s newest grandbaby, a little girl expected to arrive in early May.

Spouse lost his job at the end of January and thus far has been unsuccessful in finding something else. Fortunately I’m compensated well enough in my job that we’re able to make all our monthly expenses without trouble, but the loss of his income put a serious crimp in our travel/discretionary spending. Wah. I know. First world problems. I’m lucky AND grateful not to have to worry about losing our house or our vehicles due to his lack of employment. Still, I had to miss attending Stitches South this year. However, I was able to afford to run over to Atlanta for the day yesterday, meet my friend Kelly for lunch, and make a quick dash through the market. I came home with a few nice goodies.

First, the book Knitting Plus, which I found in a booth for half off the cover price.

I’ve been intending to buy this book forever; well, at least since it was published last year. Some beautiful patterns in here, and lots of good fitting tips for those of us in the larger size ranges.

Then, some gorgeous glass stitch markers from Tanya McGuire.

Omigosh, I love these. There were so many other pretties in the booth, it was hard to limit myself to just one set.

And finally, yarn. Of course. You don’t think I’d drive all the way to Atlanta and NOT buy yarn, do you?

6 skeins of the fabulous Riveting by Kollage, in one of their new marled colorways, Red Denim. I’ve lusted after this yarn since it was introduced. It’s intended for a lacy tunic-type top. I have a couple of patterns in mind, and saw at least one in the new book that might be suitable. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, those last three photographs were taken by my husband in his nifty tabletop “light booth”. Expect lovely photographs of small projects henceforth.


Mild mannered government employee, fiendishly obsessed with yarn, books, and Doctor Who, much to her husband's chagrin.

One thought on “Oh, look! A finished project! And other new stuff to show off.

  1. That’s a nice little haul! I’m the one income in my family too, and I know that feeling well, that “we’re paying all the bills and we’re not starving but gosh it would be nice to spend money on something we don’t really need every once in a while” feeling. It is tough, even though I know we’re mostly doing alright. I hope your husband is able to find work soon.


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