A plethora of hats

A sister-in-law and a friend were both diagnosed with cancer in recent months and, as a result of treatment, both have suffered hair loss. These are the hats I made for them, which have been sitting here for several weeks now, waiting to be documented, blogged, boxed up, and mailed off. *hangs head in shame*

Finally got off my duff this morning, charged up the camera battery, and lo! We have documentation! Here’s the blogging bit:

Easy peasy crocheted hats made with, um, let’s see, mystery ribbon yarn, mystery pink angora blend yarn, and mystery multi-colored and blue bamboo yarn. I say “mystery” because the ball bands are long gone, and I have no idea where or even when I acquired these stash items.

Stylish knit cloches in Bernat Handicrafter kitchen cotton in “Vintage” colorway on the left, mystery green linen on the right.

Crocheted sunhats with wired brims in Bernat Gloucester Sport cotton in “French Blue” colorway on the left, Rowan Denim in “Memphis” and “Ecru” colorways on the right.

Now, to get these pretties boxed up and off to the post office!


4 thoughts on “A plethora of hats

  1. I’m knitting the cloche from Ravelry right now, and stumbled upon this blog. Great pics, and so wonderful you were able to make these hats for your loved ones!


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