We all float down here…

So, um, I’ve been lurking in my friend Softdrink’s blog. (No, that’s not her real name, but I’ve known her by that name for so long it feels weird to call her Jill.) And then suddenly I wasn’t lurking any more and I joined her read-along. Or an IT-along, in this case, because we’re reading Stephen King’s IT. Supposedly a clown nose to don while reading is on ITs way. Hmm.

Two months to read and a couple of blog entries to write. I can handle that. Other participants will be tweeting their reactions. I’m not on Twitter; no tweets from me, folks, sorry. Well, not sorry, not really. It’s not like I need another internet/social media distraction, um, addiction, um, outlet. All power to you Twitterers out there; I’ll use up bandwidth over here and on Facebook. πŸ™‚

Regardless of the social media aspect, I haven’t read IT in at least 15 years and, believe it or not, am actually looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with Pennywise and company.

We all float down here.


7 thoughts on “We all float down here…

  1. Welcome to Italong! And even if you don’t have a twitter account, I think you can still read the comment stream but I get if you don’t want another ‘distraction’. Oh, I get it!
    And it’s good to have a re-read-italonger. Proves we can survive.


    • I’ve read and survived IT twice. The first time was a little dicey (yes, there’s a story that goes with IT); the second was a piece o’cake. Wonder what the third time through will bring?


  2. I’m patiently waiting for my copy to come in at the library. I’m excited to read this with all of you but oh my goodness….did you see the cover??? Even the cover of this book is freaky! Aack!


  3. So far the only time I’ve been reading IT is right before bed…perhaps not my brightest idea. But no nightmares so far…

    And I’ve quit Twitter before because of the time suck thing. But I was talked into re-joining when I did the readalong for The Stand. Which is what led to the IT-along. Twitter is a bad, bad influence.


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