WIP Wednesday: The Return!

It seems I’ve gotten over a blogging hump. Who knew writing and posting book reviews would prompt me to keep up with the yarn blogging as well?

Several projects previously featured in WIPW posts are still in various stages of unfinishedness (What? It’s a word, I swear!). You don’t need to see them again. These are not the ‘droids you’re looking for. Trust me. I’m the Doctor. Besides, it’s plain embarrassing.

No, what you want to see is something NEW and unfinished! Luckily, I can oblige.

TARDIS Shawl. Well, the pattern name is Bigger On The Inside, and it’s from Knitty. Its name in my Ravelry project folder is “I Wear A Shawl Now; Shawls Are Cool.”

See those pretty rectangular glass beads for the TARDIS lights? They make me smile every time I see them. In fact, this whole project is one big happy. The only negative thing is I can only knit two or three rows at a sitting before pain forces me to put it down, and then I have to leave it sit for about two days before I can pick it up again. Stupid tendonitis.

And that’s it for WIP Wednesday! Click the badge below to see what other knitters and crocheters have going on.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: The Return!

    • I thought that yarn was the absolute perfect color, too. I can hardly wait to finish it and block it. (I can’t believe I just said I can’t wait to block a lace shawl.) It’s a little frustrating that I can only work on it every two or three days, and then only a few rows at a time, because I want it to be DONE!


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