Prepping for the IT-along

I posted a couple of days ago that I joined the IT-along. IT’s been probably 15 years since I read IT and I no longer have a copy, so I went to the ONE used bookstore we have in town today to buy IT.

They didn’t have a copy. Every OTHER Stephen King book ever written was on their shelves, but no IT. I found a couple of other books that suited my fancy, though:

a rather beat-up mass market paperback of Mystery Walk by Robert McCammon, which I may or may not have read some 20 years ago;

and a nice hardback copy of The Children of Men by P.D. James, which I have not read. Happy acquisitions, but I was still lacking the book I came for. Next stop, the mall and the giant mega-chain book store.

This store recently rearranged all ITs shelves, so IT was a bit of a hunt to find where Stephen King was now hiding. In general fiction, of all places. Again, every Stephen King title known to man, five or six shelves full, except for IT. I asked the store clerk; nope, out of stock, but they’d be happy to order IT for me. No thanks, said I, I have a couple other places to check first. But hey! Do you have Jenny Lawson’s book? Why yes, yes they did.

And so Let’s Pretend This Never Happened came home with me.

Once I got home, I promptly went to Amazon and ordered a used copy of the damn book IT in trade paper, along with a new copy of Dune in trade paper. Because Dune was due for a re-read, as well.


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