You just can’t take me anywhere…

…that I won’t find yarn.

So, I’ve been back since late Thursday from the trip to Florida for my uncle’s funeral. ‘Nuff said about that.

Ormond-by-the-Sea is where we were. Pretty little place. Of course, just about any coastal village is going to be pretty, given the huge advantage of proximity to a scenic coastline. Location, location, location…and we were located directly across the street from the beach.

The view from the parking lot
The view from the motel parking lot

I ran across the street to the beach every chance I got. I miss the ocean something dreadful and, although this wasn’t my beloved Pacific and Northern California coastline, it was a fine substitute. The surf soothes my soul, the sand smoothes my heels, and the water refreshes my spirit. To this Northern California baby, the Atlantic, at least here in the northern third of Florida, was surprisingly warm. I don’t know why I was so surprised, but a lifetime of conditioning oneself to grit one’s teeth when stepping into the surf is hard to overcome.

The beach

After the viewing, I needed a break from all the family togetherness, so I took Mom’s car down the road a bit to the yarn store I’d seen while we were driving back from the mortuary. Or was it after the funeral service? Must have been after the funeral service, because I was dancing on a razor’s edge temperament-wise. Family is exhausting. Just sayin’…

Anyway. Yarn store. Cute little place called The Ball of Yarn. Several women sitting around a table knitting and chatting, just like virtually every LYS I’ve ever visited. Feels like home, it does. It was close to closing time, so I browsed for a little, fondled some yarn, and then fell in love.

It’s called Footprints, it’s from Blue Ridge Yarns, and consists of two skeins of 100% merino sock yarn: a 300-yard skein for the body of the socks; and a 100-yard skein for toes and heels. The colorway here is Secret Garden, but it comes in lots of other gorgeous combinations. It’s a little pricey at $30 per combo/skein, which made it relatively easy to limit myself to just one, but oh boy, it’s beautiful and feels luscious and squishy. Maybe I’ll finally make MYSELF a pair of socks…


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