WIP Wednesday: Mosaic craziness

I dragged a project out of hibernation a couple of weeks ago. Yes, the Moorish Mosaic afghan that has been gathering dust for well over a year is nearing completion.

Look at Jacquenetta eyeing that blanket. She thinks it’s hers. She has another think coming.

All the big mosaic pieces have been sewn together. I’m sewing in the fill-in medallions right now. Which, in retrospect, I should have added to each row before sewing on the next one. Live and learn, yes? As soon as that’s done, the triangle edging pieces and a final two or three rounds of single crochet edging will finish it off.

Not much progress on the Tardis shawl.

I was hoping to have it finished in time to wear for the season premiere of Doctor Who this coming Saturday, but knitting still hurts too much to work more than three or four rows at one sitting. Which is why I’m sewing together the afghan in the evenings instead.

Clicky the badgy to see what others are working on this week!


One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Mosaic craziness

  1. I really love all what you do, notably your hats, so beautiful!!! I really love crochetting and knitting, too and I really enjoy your website. Thank you cery much.
    Genevieve from France.


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