IT-along progress

I know I’m not due for a blog post about IT for another week or so, but here’s a few random thoughts anyway, taken from my Goodreads updates. No spoilers, I promise.

9/1/12 — On page 34. Deep breath. I’d forgotten how quickly this book starts with the bad stuff. And doubly forgotten about the gay-bashing murder right at the beginning. And, considering when it was written, I gotta say I’m proud of the way King portrayed the police officer involved in the investigation. It would have been so easy — and so in keeping with period — to make him a stereotypical small town homophobe in uniform.

9/2/12 — On page 175. And the gathering begins. I love how King introduces his major characters, and by extension some of his minor characters, through the device of the phone call from home and their preparation for the trip.

9/8/12 — On page 262. Ben’s encounter with Henry on the last day of school, and his encounter with Pennywise the winter before. At this point, I don’t recall if Henry and company get their comeuppance. Given the nature of IT, I should probably feel bad if they do because, after all, they’re just kids. Bullies. But kids. Right now I’m not feeling that charitable.

Sundays are good days for IT-along updates, so you’ll probably see one a week for the next several weeks. As we get further into the book, it may be more difficult to avoid spoilers, but I’ll do my best.


2 thoughts on “IT-along progress

  1. I just got to the halfway point, and whoa…that thing with adult Henry was a total and complete surprise. I’m sure the second half is gonna be a wild ride.

    And feel free to link up to all of your random thought posts when I put up the check-in post next week. There’s certainly no “you have tos” with this readalong!


  2. Wonderful! and your last update? I might doubt your charitable attitude for Henry by then end but then, maybe you are that nice.
    I fell in love with young Ben!
    The scariest parts for me are for adult Bev.


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