WIP Wednesday: The beginning of the end

My elbow has healed enough that I can knit again!

I’m taking it easy, though, and still only knitting a few rows each evening. Going nearly two weeks without knitting hardly a stitch made for one very cranky self. Although I did get quite a bit of reading done, and the weaving in of ends. As far as that goes, progress has been made, but you’ll see no more pictures of the mosaic blanket until it’s finally done. Because seriously, who needs another picture of an afghan with a bunch of loose ends hanging down.

No, what YOU want to see is the shawl!

The TARDIS section has been completed.

Look at all those lovely TARDISes, all lined up and ready to go. And that rectangular bead still makes me smile.

The next section is 10 or 12 rows of a wide WIDE rib, which shouldn’t take much time at all. I hope. Generally, I can just about do ribbing in my sleep. And then there’s the blocking bit, which always slows me down. I’m filled with hope, though! A completed shawl is just around the corner!

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