Drive-by update

So, I’ve been here in Atlanta for three weeks, going into the fourth, and have been so busy trying to find my way around an unfamiliar city, negotiate the public transit system, and learn my new job that I haven’t knitted a stitch on my cabled shrug.  Not a one.  Nor have I woven in any ends on that dang afghan.  Although I did pull the afghan out of its project bag and use it for warmth while lying on the sofa and watching TV late one evening last week.

And I’ve only read two books in the last three weeks.


The Alabama house is finally listed.  Our realtor seems hopeful it will actually sell and we won’t have to take the government buyout (which will be several thousand dollars less than its market value).  We’ll see.  And now that the house is actually on the market, I can start seriously looking for a new house here.

Please stay tuned.  Eventually this blog will return to its usual yarn and book content.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Drive-by update

    • Didn’t you just move up to Mentone last year? LOL. You move as much as I do. Yes, we’re shaking the Alabama dust off our sandals and moving on to the Big Peach because I got a new job. You can read all about it here.

      There’s always Stitches, though!


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