Stitches South is bad for my bank account.

The title should tell you everything you need to know. But, this is a blog entry; therefore, more typing will be involved. And pictures. I’m sure you can handle it.

Ella Rae Lace MerinoI picked up my friend Kelly, who came in from Baltimore, at the airport Wednesday evening. We picked up her rental car Thursday AM, because she signed up for the whole package. I had registered for just a few classes, given that back in December when I made the reservations, I had no idea what our financial situation would be, what with the move and finding a place to live and potentially making two house payments (which actually did happen for a few months), and all the other general iffiness that was going on during the grand transition to Georgia.

Silky Wool ThundercloudBut I digress, as usual.

Anyway, I had classes Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and Saturday afternoon. No classes tomorrow. Thursday afternoon was Knitting in Both Directions with Gwen Bortner. Let me just say, knitting and purling backwards is far easier than I ever believed. The class was small, and marred only by one woman who must have put her obnoxious pants on that day. Gwen was good about keeping her in line, though, so although she was annoying, she was more or less contained.

Starry NightYesterday’s morning class was All About Steeks with Sandi Rosner. Before this class, I was scared spitless by the thought of cutting my knitting down the middle. On purpose. Now, though? Gimme the scissors, baby, I’m ready. Well, I will be after practicing Fair Isle on a swatch. I took a Fair Isle class at Stitches two years ago, and haven’t used it yet. Now I can combine the two techniques! Woo!

Dragonfly TattooYesterday afternoon was all about Curvy Knits (Plus Size Knitting) with Marly Bird. Marly is a hoot. Yes, that was a deliberate attempt at a pun. (Bird? Hoot? Never mind.) The class was a lot of fun. We laughed at ourselves, but got a little serious about body issues, too. I learned a lot, and even feel emboldened enough to tackle the job of customizing a pattern to suit my particular body shape and maybe even finally designing that cardigan I’ve been envisioning.

Silky Wool Greyed BlueKelly bought me a ticket for the Friday night dinner and fashion show as a thank you for letting her use our guest bedroom instead of staying at the hotel, so we sat through that with great interest. I saw several designs I really liked, but was also reminded why I let my subscription to Knitter’s Magazine lapse: lots of novelty yarns — which I detest — and rather staid designs. XRX designs are notable for a gifted use of color, I’ll give them that. But during the year that I subscribed, a bare handful of patterns from those four magazines caught my interest and, of those, I knit just one.

Swan PrincessDinner was notable for three things. One, I should have checked the menu because both the soup and the entree featured mushrooms. Ick. Kelly ate my soup and I easily picked the mushrooms out of the sauce on the entree. Two, I won a door prize! Lovely skein of sock weight from Miss Bab’s. It’s called “Cosmic”, and the colorway is Swan Princess. That’s a picture of it at the beginning of this paragraph. Isn’t it pretty?

Baby Camel SilkFinal notable item? Obnoxious woman was at our table. And unchecked, she’s a nightmare. She dominated the conversation; she had a story to top everyone else’s; and she made fun of my dislike of mushrooms. Okay, that last bit was perhaps a little nitpicky, but I tell you, she was awful. I told Kelly later that it didn’t matter how much money her husband made, or that she had traveled the world: you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t necessarily take the trailer park out of the girl. (Disclaimer: I’ve known some perfectly lovely people who’ve lived in trailer parks. But sometimes the stereotype, unkind as it may be, rings true.)

Big Round ButtonsKelly and I shared the last class this afternoon: Casting on for Toe-Up Socks with Sarah Peasley. Sarah is a doll. Very sweet. And pretty thorough, too: I learned some great techniques to cast on, useful not only for toe-up socks, but for hats or bags or anything that has a bottom/top that requires grafting. Sadly, though, Sarah’s sweet dollhood was insufficient to the task of controlling THAT WOMAN. Yes, she was in the toe-up sock class, and thought it revolved around her, to boot. When she looked through the list of techniques, she remarked that the only one she wanted to learn was being taught last, and looked at Sarah as if she expected her to rearrange the class. Then she talked virtually non-stop over most instructions being given, causing me and several other people in the class to lose track of where we were in the short rows or some other bit of the cast-on being taught, and had the gall to be offended over her story being interrupted when Sarah asked for everyone’s attention. Two people left the class early because of her. The only bit of peace we had was when THAT WOMAN left the classroom herself because her friends were getting on the bus and she HAD to go see them off. Sarah mentioned that we were about to do the cast on she had been waiting for. She left anyway; and when she came back, we were all but done, and she didn’t get to learn her precious technique after all. I call it poetic justice.

Glass ButtonsBut enough about that. I suppose you noticed all the pretty pictures scattered throughout this ramble. And you took note of the title, right? Yeah. Serious damage to the bank account. But I’ll tell you what they are now. And click the picture if you want to see a larger image! From the top: Ella Rae Lace Merino (which, despite its name, is fingering weight), colorway 122 Cocoa Teal; Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, colorway 79 Thundercloud; Dragonfly Fibers Pixie, colorway Starry Night; Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga!, colorway Y096 Dragonfly Tattoo; Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, colorway 104 Greyed Blue; Miss Bab’s Cosmic Handpainted Sock (scroll down just a bit after you click the link), colorway Swan Princess; Wild Orchids Fiber Arts Swiss Mountain Baby Camel & Silk, undyed; large round vintage plastic buttons that screamed “Take me home!”; and small glass vintage buttons that did likewise.

It occurred to me as I was entering these yarns into stash on Ravelry that I now have five different colorways of Silky Wool, and decided one of these colorways will be my next project. Now to find the right pattern: one that requires as close as possible to 1900 yards of a DK tweed. Wish me luck!

So, anyone else out there in Atlanta this weekend? What all did YOU buy at Stitches?


2 thoughts on “Stitches South is bad for my bank account.

  1. That Miss Babs yarn is fantastic and Cephalopod Yarns is one of my faves. Nice haul! I also appreciated the colorful stories about THAT WOMAN. You have to pity her a bit, I think… but man how annoying.


    • Well, when we wrote our evaluation for Sarah’s class, Kelly and I both mentioned how disruptive that woman was. And then Kelly had her in a class Sunday afternoon and said she hardly let out a peep, so we figure some authority figure must have given her a good talking to.

      But, yes, yarn haul, mmmmmmm….


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