WIP Wednesday: Green Cables and Pink Lace

When last WIP Wednesday met our heroine, she was getting ready to move. Now that the move is accomplished, and most of the stuff has found either a home or a temporary resting spot, our heroine makes a brave attempt to keep up this blog and fill it with book stuff and yarn stuff. Thus, a return to WIP Wednesday.

Dolce Shrug 2Although truthfully, this should be finished-except-for-blocking-seaming-and-buttons Wednesday. Because that’s the status of this particular work in progress.

I started this shrug in September 2012, about a month before leaving for Atlanta. During the time in that temporary apartment, being away from my spouse and other usual habitats, I spent virtually every evening in front of the computer or the television, and I knitted and knitted and cabled and knitted. And sometimes just watched television. And then we found a house and made an offer and waited for escrow to close and, after escrow closed at the end of January but before our furniture was delivered, we painted rooms and laid shelf liner. Then the furniture was delivered in mid-February, and we arranged rooms and unpacked boxes and finally took a breath.

Dolce Shrug 4I finished the actual knitting March 9. The shrug sat for a while, unloved, while I finished an afghan. Okay, two afghans. And attended Stitches. And started another project. And found another UFO in a box. More on that one in a moment.

So right now, the piece is soaking in the bathtub because it’s just too big for the sink. After I finish writing this blog entry, I’ll squeeze out the excess water and pin it out. It will probably take two or three days to dry, unless I turn on the ceiling fan. Which is noisy and wobbles. Hmm.

Mother of Pearl buttonsBut after it’s all dry and blocked, I can seam it and sew on these gorgeous buttons. And then I’ll have a shrug that I won’t be able to wear until late fall. Timing is everything.

And then there’s the lacy camisole I found. Okay, it was never lost. It’s nearly finished, actually, but I walked away from it at least three years ago (OMG, has it really been that long?) when I realized that, as much as I loved the piece and how it looks on the model in the book, I do not have the figure to carry it off. Delphine 2

And, after Marly Bird’s class at Stitches, I further realize the mods required to make this look good on me are beyond my present capabilities because, frankly, I don’t want to do the math required to alter the lace pattern and make other necessary adjustments. So take a good long look at this piece, because it’s destined for the frog pond. And I’ll find something else to do with that gorgeous pink silk.

Oh, and for the curious, the lace camisole about-to-be-frogged pattern is “Delphine” from French Girl Knits, and the yarn is Skacel’s Urban Silk, which apparently is discontinued because I can’t find it on their website. The Button-Back Shrug is from Knitter’s Magazine K101, and the yarn is Cascade Dolce. WIP Wednesdays

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Green Cables and Pink Lace

  1. I feel the same way about a different I pattern I started and then frogged from that French Girl Knits book! So many of the patterns are gorgeous and exactly things I wish I could wear… perhaps someday.


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