4KCBWDAY1 — The House Cup runneth over

2013 Blog Week Banner

Today’s topic: Taking a cue from Harry Potter, choose your house and post about your crafting outlook/style and why you chose this house.

Wait. I have a crafting style? Well, I suppose I do. I did, after all, choose a house based on a two-line description. Here’s that description, by the way: “HOUSE OF MONKEY: Intelligent and with a fun loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them with something new and interesting.”

And here’s the house banner:

House of Monkey

And my crafting style in a nutshell, then, is embodied in that house description. I love a challenge. I love taking yarn and turning it into something spectacular. I love learning new techniques and trying them out. My goal as a knitter and crocheter is to know everything there is to know about either craft. I have a list a yard long of things to accomplish, and I love ticking off the little boxes beside each one as done and done and done. The thing is, the longer I work and the more I learn with either craft, the more I discover that I don’t know, and that list keeps growing faster than I can check off boxes.

It’s like this at work, as well. For example, we have several different presentation software programs we use to prepare lessons both for live classes and online demonstrations. I only know one of them — Powerpoint — and am far from proficient with it. I can make a decent presentation, but I certainly don’t know all the bells and whistles. I will, though. Just give me time. And the other programs? Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, and Adobe Captivate, you just wait. I get you, my pretties, and your little dog, too.

I’m the same way with other areas of knowledge, too. I’ve afforded my husband no end of amusement during our marriage as I become absorbed with a new interest that occasionally will blossom into full-fledged obsession. First, it was planning our wedding. I bought every bridal magazine that graced the newsstand of our local bookstore and read them cover to cover. For a solid year. I don’t even want to take a wild stab at how much money I spent buying bridal magazines. It probably would have paid for another week’s worth of honeymoon.

Then it was Bookcrossing, in which I took great joy for a couple of years. Bookcrossing is a social networking type site where one can register books, tag them with an ID number, turn them loose in the world, and wait and hope someone picks them up and logs in to register the find. Click this little badge to learn all about it:

Read and Release at BookCrossing.com...

As I said, it was a great deal of fun, and and I met loads of lovely and interesting people online in the forums, some of whom I actually met in person and who remain friends to this day.

The challenge with BX came with the release of the books. Sometimes we organized mass releases, with people pledging to release 20 books in 10 hours or some such; sometimes a themed release, say books with blue covers or books that corresponded to a particular holiday; sometimes a release to honor a hero or historical figure. Creativity was encouraged. In fact, Bookcrossing is the reason I acquired my first digital camera: I desperately wanted to take pictures of the books I released, especially when I left them in clever or unusual places, like on a picnic table at a isolated rest stop somewhere in Montana.

Shortly after I started becoming less involved with Bookcrossing, I picked up yarn again. In fact, now that I think about it, returning to the art of crochet in 2006 and learning to knit at that same time is probably what rang the death knell for BX. Seven years later, I’m still going strong with the yarn thing. You might have noticed. 😉

Other noteworthy obsessions — which were all-consuming at the time but stopped short of cosplay and convention attendance — have been Battlestar Galactica (the “new” one), Law & Order, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, and now Doctor Who. With nearly 50 years’ worth of Doctor Who to watch, I don’t see that particular fire being extinguished any time soon.

Nor will the fire burning under the yarn obsession, by the way. There’s still far too much to learn and do. I have yet to knit and steek a Fair Isle cardigan, although now I know how. I have yet to make anything other than a swatch with entrelac or doubleknitting. I’ve not even attempted Tunisian crochet, nor broomstick lace, nor Estonian lace, for that matter. I’ve never made a short row heel, nor altered a pattern with bust darts and armhole finagling. I’ve made a few designs that need writing down, and a couple of designs have been living in my head for quite some time and need details worked out, not to mention the actual knitting thereof.

So much knitting and crocheting to learn for this little monkey! I’m definitely in the right house.

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