WIP Wednesday: The Catching Up Edition

Ooooh, woe is me.

Actually, to be grammatically correct, that sentence should read: “Woe am I”, but this is a knitting and crochet blog, not a grammar blog. My blog, my rules. Nyah.

So, back to the woe bit. Wabbit. “Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!”

Sheesh. ADHD much, avanta? Focus, woman!

This state of mind brought to you by the fact I have several projects that are just. this. close. to being finished, and I can’t focus on any one of them long enough to make that last half a sock, or those last few stitches or seams. And my craft room is in an even more giant mess than usual, simply because spouse and I purchased the shelving units I wanted and I’ve had to tear the whole room apart before I can put it back together again. See?

Craft Room Reorg 2

Oh, wait, though. There’s more.

Craft Room Reorg 1

All is not lost, however. Because I have made small progress. Some of the yarn has found a home in bins. I just need more bins. And the gumption to tackle the stack of books and arrange them in the shelves in some semblance of order. Not to mention the stamina to go through every single pattern magazine and assign it to a proper magazine file. Speaking of which, I need more magazine files, too. But eventually, all will be organized, and these cubbies will be filled with neatness and order, and I’ll be able to find the damn magazine with the pattern I want when I want it and not six weeks later when I already started to use that yarn with a different pattern.

Craft Room Reorg 3

In yarn news, the cabled shrug is completely blocked, all the ends are woven in, and all it needs is seaming and buttons.Dolce Shrug 7

One sock is complete (and somewhere downstairs at the moment; don’t ask me why; at this point I have no idea) and the other sock has about two or three inches to go before starting the heel flap.

Dusk Socks 1

And the Kindle cozy just needs its button loop attached at one end and a button sewn on.

Kindle Cover 1

*sigh* This is a project which I no longer actually need, because I bought a cover that will actually protect the Kindle rather than keep it warm, but, you know, it’s pretty, so I’ll keep it and maybe put the Kindle with its protective cover inside the cozy anyway. On those really cold days next winter. In Georgia. Then again, maybe I’ll frog this and repurpose the yarn for something else. It’s 100% cotton, I only used about half the skein and I have a whole other skein in the same color…hm. It’s a thought.

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One thought on “WIP Wednesday: The Catching Up Edition

  1. You sound like me! I got all fired up to knit and crochet again, and then a personal bomb landed in my lap and I can’t seem to get the gumption up again…


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