WIP Wednesday: To Nupp, or not to Nupp

Knitted Lace of EstoniaSome time ago, I bought Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, simply because the projects were so beautiful, and put it on the bookshelf next to all the other knitting books, where it sat, forlorn, forsaken, forgotten. Well, not exactly forgotten, because every now and then, I’d take it down and thumb through it, thinking: “I really ought to make one of these scarves, but nupps. Hmmm….”

Then one day, shortly after I arrived in Atlanta, my friend Kathy took me to Lovin’Knit Studio in Marietta, where I fell in love with MountainTop Vail, a fingering weight alpaca/bamboo blend by Classic Elite. I bought two skeins, not knowing what I’d do with them other than make a lace scarf or shawlette.

MountainTop Vail by Classic EliteAnd finally, a month ago I brought these two items together: Vail, meet Knitted Lace of Estonia. Estonia, meet Vail.

Luckily, these two hit it off. Match made in heaven, even. I chose one of the smaller scarves to start out, because, well, nupps. And, hoo boy, did those puppies give me trouble. In fact, I wasn’t able to make them the way they’re written. Okay, I could do the stitch, wrap, stitch, etc., in the same stitch part easy enough, but when it came to the next row, the purl row, I couldn’t get my needle through those five stitches to purl them together. Or, if I actually succeeded in making the nupp as written, it looked like crap. So I adapted. Instead of making the traditional nupp, I knitted into the front and back of the nupp stitch like I was starting a bobble, and then purled it on the next row. Looked exactly the same as the “traditional” nupp and was easier, to boot.

Lily of the Valley ScarfAnd here it is! The pattern is the Lily of the Valley scarf, and I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out. I love the cast-on with the yarn doubled, which gives a wonderful substance and heft to the edge. The photo here was taken on July 9, so I’m actually much further along than this. In fact, I attached the second ball of yarn Monday night. This project will go with me to Baltimore next week (work thing, plus a couple of days added on to play tourist). While I may not finish it by the end of my trip, I’m sure to make good progress sitting in the hotel room each evening.

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