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FO Friday: Something to share, at last!

Dolce Shrug 7The knitting and the blocking on my Dolce Shrug has been done for months. It has sat on my craft table, blocked but unseamed, unloved, and ignored since April. The fact that the weather started getting warmer in April had very little to do with not seaming it up right after I blocked it. Not at all.

But Wednesday evening, the seaming bug bit — prompted by a touch of tendonitis courtesy of a marathon crocheting session over the weekend — so I dragged the poor thing downstairs and sewed it together while watching television. Since my elbow and wrist hurt too much to either crochet OR knit, I had to do something with yarn, right? Dolce shrug 14And the fact that the weather has finally turned coolish had nothing to do with the decision to finally finish the fiddly seaming and sewing on of buttons. Not at all.

Pattern: Button Back Shrug by Penny Olman, from Knitters Magazine 101 (Winter 2010)
Yarn: Cascade Dolce in colorway 980, just over 9 skeins (approx 995 yards)
Needle: Size 9 US
Buttons: 1 inch plastic/imitation mother of pearl, purchased from a booth at Stitches South in 2011

Sadly, the Cascade Dolce — an alpaca, wool, silk blend — is discontinued. Stupid Cascade. I’d have bought TONS of this stuff were it still available! It’s soft, and warm, and cuddly, and knits up like a dream, and did I mention heavenly soft?

Dolce shrug 16

Turned out totally gorgeous, as I knew it would once I put this yarn to this pattern. I wore it to work Thursday. Not with this dress, which is actually my “I’m not going anywhere else today” housedress, but with a pair of dark gray slacks and a silky shell. I anticipate getting a lot of wear out of it over the next few months.

Dolce shrug 11

Here’s a closer look at the buttons. This colorway and these buttons were made for each other. Tell me they weren’t. I dare you.

d1010-fofridayWhile you’re working up the nerve for that, take a look at what else is happening with FO Fridays by clicking the badge to the left.


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8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Something to share, at last!

  1. Beautiful! And it looks soooo comfy. I’m starting to feel the need for all new knits to ward off the chill. Wish I had something around here that was just waiting for the finishing too.


    1. Thank you, ma’am. It’s just the perfect thing for these suddenly chilly mornings standing on the train platform. And the still overly-air conditioned office.

      I thought you had 15 projects that needed finishing… 🙂


      1. I do! But nothing that will keep me warm that’s THAT close to done. I mean, OK, there’s a sweater that just needs sleeves and a few pairs of socks that are about 2 evenings away from keeping my feet warm but…but…sigh. (Actually all I want to do is start a new blanket and forget about all the in-progress stuff.)


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