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Review: The Historian

The Historian
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plenty of previous reviewers have summed up the gist of this novel: a young woman — a teenager, actually — goes in search of her missing father, and along the way discovers a horrifying family connection to Vlad Tepes and Dracula. Okay, that’s an over-simplification but, really, others have done better with the plot synopsis, so I’ll leave that bit to them and tell you this, instead:

R.I.P. Review SiteI stand here in awe of the way Elizabeth Kostova structured her story: Layer upon layer of epistolary documents, each describing another, older, deeper layer, and filled with rich historical detail like decadent buttercream at the center of a sponge cake, until at last we reach the heart of the mystery, buried deep in the 15th century and hidden in the remote reaches of eastern Europe.


I acquired The Historian in 2007, and it sat on my bookshelves for six years before I finally read it. Kostova’s second novel, The Swan Thieves, has been sitting on the shelf since 2010. I don’t think I’ll wait nearly as long to read it.

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The Historian Read-along

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5 thoughts on “Review: The Historian

  1. I love the way you described the novel – because you are absolutely right! I cannot even imagine the amount of research that went in to constructing this book, and it was her first novel! I didn’t know she had another book out, I will definitely look in to that.


  2. I think I’ve had this one on my shelves even longer than you have!!! I was not totally impressed with this book (I thought the layering and overabundance of detail got tiresome at times), but I do admire her gumption. I can’t even imagine writing a book like this. Thanks for reading along with us!


  3. The first time I read The Historian, I was literally staying up till 1 or 2 AM (really, really late for me). It was a very exciting book. I enjoyed rereading again with so many bloggers to discuss it with.

    I read The Swan Thieves perhaps 2 years ago. It is very, very different. Not to put you off it, but I did not like it nearly as much as The Historian.


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