WIP Wednesday: The Furlough Edition

So the House and the Senate are engaged in a pissing contest, and I’m sitting at home instead of in my office at my desk getting ready the for class we’re supposed to start teaching next week. Ha. That’ll happen. But, I am determined to find some positivity in being temporarily unemployed. Call it a quest. All I need is an ass (any Republican in the House will do) and a jousting spear. Or a crochet hook, in this particular instance.

Great Granny 3All this unscheduled time off should give me plenty of time to work on my latest project, a giant granny square intended as a baby blanket.

Several years ago, shortly after I first started knitting, I bought a metric ton* of acrylic in single skeins with the intention of knitting a fabulous intarsia blanket designed by Nicky Epstein.Vogue Tapestry Afghan Later on, after gaining more experience, I realized acrylic would not work well for that design, that I needed 100% wool instead. So the planned project was put on the back burner, which left me with a couple dozen skeins of acrylic in a wide variety of colorways. Over the years, I’ve managed to use a number of them, most notably in the Moorish Mosaic afghan I finished earlier this year.Mosaic Afghan 14

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, when one of my colleagues announced he and his wife were expecting, I pulled out a crochet hook, threw several skeins of acrylic in a pile to check color combinations, and commenced crocheting. Great granny 2Granny squares are easy and fun and totally mindless, great for television watching. Just go round and round and round, changing colors every couple of rows or so.

My husband, who has watched me go round and round and round for the last week or so, asked me the other day how big I intended to make this blanket. “I don’t know,” I answered. “I’ll just go until I think it’s done, or I run out of the colors I chose, whichever comes first.”

ab2a5-tami_wipYou may be wondering how all this ties into my quest for positivity. It’s two-fold: (a) I have time to work on the blanket and finish it quickly (maybe even by Friday!); and (b) I can actually post a WIP Wednesday post on Wednesday, instead of later in the week and backdating it, or not at all, which is what usually happens. BTW, to see who else is going round and round on this Wednesday, clicky the badgy thing. Go ahead. You’ll be glad you did.

*slight exaggeration


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