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WIP Wednesday: Paint your palette blue and gray

I love the Impressionists*: Degas, Cezanne, Pissarro, Renoir; and the post-Impressionists: Seurat, Cassatt, Gauguin. Of all the Impressionists and post-Impressionists, though, the paintings that speak to me loudest are Vincent’s. Yes, I call him Vincent. The rest of you call him Van Gogh. And my favorite of his paintings is “The Starry Night.”

The Starry Night

I’ve loved this painting hard for close to 40 years, from when I first heard the Don McLean song, “Vincent.” I loved the song, and my young teenage self had to know who and what it was about. (My parents were readers, yes; but they didn’t expose us to much art.) And when I saw a reproduction of this painting for first time, it stunned me. The swirling winds, the glowing stars, the somewhat menacing cypress in the foreground, the sleepy village, all of it filled my vision and my heart with more wonder and awe than I can understand.

I went to the High Museum a couple of weeks ago to see The Girl with a Pearl Earring. It made me cry. If I ever get to see “The Starry Night” in person, I will probably fall to my knees, sobbing my heart out. And it’s probably no surprise to any of you that one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes is the one where the Doctor and Amy visit Vincent in Provence. Even my mousepad is a reproduction of this painting.

Starry NightAll of that to tell you that when I saw a skein of yarn in the same palette and even named after that painting, I had to buy it.

Of course, after buying it, I had to decide what to do with it. It’s sockweight, but I couldn’t bear the idea of hiding such a vibrant colorway in shoes, which meant it needed to become a scarf or shawl of some sort. As mentioned in Sunday’s post, I decided on the Oaklet Shawl. Here’s what we have so far:

Starry Oakleaf Shawl 1

I am entranced with the way the pooling is working. Good job on the dyeing, Dragonfly Fibers! The work is moving fast in this first part, which is all stockinette except for the yarnover increases. I’ve got about 30 more rows to go before I start the lace edging. So maybe it will be finished by my goal date of next Friday. One can only hope.

ab2a5-tami_wipThis post is part of the WIP Wednesday roundup, hosted by Tami’s Amis. Click the badge to see what other folks have on their needles and hooks on this beautiful October day.

*(I love the Modernists, too, and the Dutch Masters, and — oh, hell, I just love art. But that’s another blog entry for another day.)


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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Paint your palette blue and gray

  1. Angela, I was so very fortunate to see other works of art by Vincent, because, you see, he too is my favorite artist. He was an expressionist, which falls under post-impressionism (showing off here). I was at the Rijksmusuem (or however you spell it!) in Amsterdam. I was 24. I remember. The brush strokes, Angela. They are thick because he truly did glob on his paint. I took some pics with crappy 1600 ASA film – couldn’t use flash – but it was worth it. La Nuit Etoilee, is, or was in 1987, located in New York City. I know you’ll make it.


    1. I didn’t know this painting was in the States until your comment! So I went hunting. According to MOMA‘s website, it’s part of their permanent collection, so it will be first on my list when/if I ever get to New York.


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