Book review: The Edge of Normal

The Edge of Normal
The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When Reeve was 12 years old, she was kidnapped and held prisoner for four years. A freak accident led to her freedom and, six years later, she’s still putting the pieces of her life together. But things are looking up. She’s changed her name to avoid publicity; she’s down to one session a week with her therapist; and she even has a job.

Then one day, the cameras are blazing and the headlines are screaming about another young girl who has been found and freed from captivity. Reeve’s therapist is called in to assist the family. At the request of that family, he asks Reeve to assist him. She reluctantly agrees.

What follows is a not-quite-standard-issue thriller, as the police question the kidnapper they arrested, not suspecting there was more than one man involved. And that unknown man has fingers inside the investigation itself.

R.I.P. Review SiteI enjoyed this story thoroughly, with all the back and forth between the kidnapping mastermind, the police investigation, and Reeve’s interaction with the young kidnapping victim. That is, I enjoyed it right up to the instant that Reeve made a completely pointless and bone-headed move which placed the novel squarely into the stupid fem-jep category. At that juncture, I only had 70 pages to go, so I finished the novel instead of throwing it across the room in disgust.

I can’t even tell you what our heroine did or what I think she could have done instead, or could have at least made an effort to do, without creating major plot spoilage, but yeah. It’s just too bad the author decided on that particular plot twist, because otherwise it’s a great story.

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