WIP Wednesday: Starry Oaklet Shawl progress

Starry Oaklet 2

I would estimate I’m about 85-90% done with the shawl. Maybe another three or four rows of lace to go before binding off.

Starry Oaklet 3

I say “maybe another three or four rows” because I don’t really know. I’m trying to use as much of this yarn as possible, because I really hate excessive amounts of leftovers, especially of sockweight. And by “excessive”, I mean more than 50 yards. Of course, there’s a pattern for a “honeycomb quilt” or some such that uses little “cells” knitted out of leftover sockweight. I’m keeping it in the back of my mind.

Starry Oaklet 4

ab2a5-tami_wipSo, the unblocked lace pic above is for comparison’s sake. When this project is finished and blocked, we’ll have before and after pics. Yes, Virginia, blocking is important.

You know what else is important? Clicking that badge over there to see what else is going on with WIP Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Starry Oaklet Shawl progress

  1. I like the way that yarn is striping! And yes, blocking is sooooo important, especially with shawls. I don’t mind sock yarn leftovers, I use them to mend socks when they get holes and also have a sock yarn blanket I started a while back. I want to use some for a linen-stitch scrappy scarf, too.


    • The colors are pooling nicely, so yay for the dye-master at Dragonfly Fibers!

      I think the blanket pattern I’m thinking of is called “hexi-puff” or “honeycomb” or something. One of these days, I’ll do some research on Ravelry and put it in my queue.


  2. Wow this is gorgeous. I’m reading backwards, saw the photo, and thought, “This looks like Vincent Van Gogh.” Duh. So–have you gone back to work yet? You’re the first person I thought of when I heard the news that a deal had been reached.


    • Thank you! We went back to work today, and spent most of the day either in meetings discussing what didn’t get done in our absence and how we’re going to tackle that backlog, or shaking our head in disbelief over the sheer stupidity of it all.


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