FO Friday: Starry Oaklet Shawl

Starry Oaklet 12
Pattern: Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre (a free pattern!)
Yarn: Pixie from Dragonfly Fibers, colorway Starry Night (apparently a discontinued colorway, but this yarn has lots more to choose from), approximately 423 yards of a 475-yd skein.
Needles: Hiya Hiya Steel Circular, size 3
Mods: Increased stockinette section until I had 249 stitches on the needles before starting lace border. Did 1.75 repeats of lace section, ending with 290 bound-off stitches.
Satisfaction with end product: Love! It’s just big enough to throw around my shoulders, but still small enough to easily wear as a scarf. I finished the bind-off Sunday evening, wore it to work over a white blouse with a little pin to keep it from slipping off my shoulders, and got tons of compliments.

The Pixie yarn was a little fussy to work with, but that was mainly due to the trouble I had winding it into a center-pull cake. Somehow I got the first inside bit of the cake tangled, which meant it didn’t pull easily and actually tied itself into some rather impressive knots. At one point while working out a knot, I managed to break the yarn — it’s a single, so the breakage didn’t surprise me all that much. I’m much more impressed that was the only time the yarn broke during its tangled knotty phase. Once we got past that poorly-wound section of the cake, the going was easy as pie! (You may groan at will.) It knitted up beautifully and was easy on my hands.

Starry Oaklet 14Here’s how the shawl looks as a scarf, bandit-style.
Starry Oaklet 15<—And tossed about the neck with carefree abandon.

Oh, and let's take a look at the difference blocking makes. When I took the shawl off the needles, it was a crumpled mess, as most projects usually are, especially any that contain lace sections. The lace pattern was almost undetectable, and the shawl would barely reach around my shoulders. A good hard block later, and a totally different project has emerged! Take a look at the difference between the lace sections. On the left, unblocked; on the right, blocked!

Starry Oaklet 4Starry Oaklet 16

And, of course, as you can see from this picture, as well as the pic at the top of this post, the shawl’s wingspan and mine match up just fine.
Starry Oaklet 13

7cde9-fofridayI used to say I wasn’t a shawl person. That isn’t necessarily a true statement these days. I’ve discovered I quite like little shawls, especially the crescent-shaped ones like my Tardis shawl, and the smaller triangular shawls such as the Oaklet pattern featured here.

This post is part of the FO Friday round-up, hosted by Tami’s Amis. Click the badge and take a look at what other folks finished this week.


6 thoughts on “FO Friday: Starry Oaklet Shawl

    • Finish one! I’d love to see it.
      I think next I may become a beaded shawl person. I have yet to make one, because those tiny little beads scare the pants off me, but they are just. so. pretty.


    • Thanks! I have to laugh at myself because the first project I made when I learned to knit was a big triangular shawl out of a super bulky yarn with a railroad carry-along that, once it was done, I hated, so I gave it away to someone who thought it was fabulous. So, maybe it’s just a prejudice against the big triangular shawls


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