Birthday presents

Today is my birthday.

I mention this NOT because I’m expecting you all to respond with a mad rush of “Happy Birthday” comments, but because it gives me an excuse to brag on the husband.

See, last year, he forgot my birthday. Granted, we were in the midst of preparing for our move to Atlanta, and I wasn’t in the same house, same town, nor even the same state as he was, but still… He didn’t call, he didn’t get me a present, not even a stinkin’ card. Grr.

Yes, he suffered for it. Oh, did he suffer.

This year, however, behold what awaited me this morning:

Birthday presents

Birthday presents

A knitting book I had been coveting AND one of my favorite favorite movies on Blu-Ray! Both accompanied by a sweet card that made me cry. Does he pay attention or what? (Of course, sending him the link to my Amazon wish list a couple of weeks ago may have been instrumental in his attention-paying.)

Spouse whipping egg whites

Awesome hubby whipping egg whites

You know what else he’s done today? Took me to brunch (I took the day off work). He’s now in the kitchen preparing a chocolate mousse for dessert before he fixes a special request birthday dinner: ribeye steak, baked potato, asparagus. Photographic evidence of his egg-whipping prowess to the right there. —->

He’s such a good guy. I’ll keep him around a while longer, I think.

And now to plan HIS birthday! Mwahahahahha!


6 thoughts on “Birthday presents

  1. Oh, Angela – I’m sure you made him pay! By the way – I WANT THAT BOOK! I think Santa Claus may have to hear about this. Oh, yea. I know you didn’t want this, however, I’m going to do it anyway….Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy belated birthday, fellow Scorpio!!! Very cool to get the Director’s Cut of Dark City! Love that movie. I was visiting a friend in Boston when it came out at the theater and I can still remember seeing it with him and then going home to take my wife to see it.

    Hope you had a nice birthday and a great Thanksgiving holiday.


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